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Photonics - Reflection Probes
Our reflection probes are perfect for measuring diffuse reflectance from a surface to view color or absorbance via backscattered light. All of our stock probes are 2 meters in length with a 1.5 meter common leg and 0.5 meter breakout legs. The probe end consists of a stainless steel ferrule ending in a central "read" fiber around six "illumination" fibers. The "read" and bundled "illumination" fibers are terminated with high-quality SMA connectors, and laser-engraved with the part number.
Custom lengths are also available, as are custom probes with larger fiber bundles to maximize signal level.

We offer two grades of reflection probes: standard (for the average user) and enhanced (for the expert, or those working in more rugged conditions).  Both use the same high quality optical fiber but use different jacketing, SMA connectors, and breakout blocks.  All of our reflection probes use precision components and are held to strict quality control criteria.  Which one is right for you?


These probes are terminated with precision, stainless steel SMA-905 connectors. Tight concentricity specs and connector length inspection criteria ensure optimal coupling efficiency. The jacket is PVDF with a Kevlar strength member and an inner Teflon tube to protect the fiber. The bifurcation block is machined Delrin. Our standard reflection probes are available in US/VIS, US/SR, and VIS/NIR wavelength ranges. We also offer MIXED reflection probes upon request.


These reflection probes are made with premium materials to offer higher temperature resistance, improved chemical compatibility and more robust construction than our standard line.

Terminations are precision, unique stainless steel SMA-905 connectors with machined flats for spanner adjustment, as well as a knurled grip area for easier fingertip handling. The jacket is a pliable silicone over stainless steel monocoil with Nomar strength member and inner Teflon tube to protect the fiber. The bifurcation block is machined aluminum.

All products carry a 1-year warranty!

Let Gulf Fiberoptics repair your damaged assemblies.
We offer repair service on all manufacturers’ photonics cables!

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